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Congressman Al Green Congratulates Company President

Congressman Al Green congratulates President of E/A Electrical Automation Inc on company success. Incuding that of completing Capital One Bank's succeful "Getting Down To Business" program. The program is one that has been highly succesful in assisting new and startup & small businesses gain a considerable edge.


E/A Electrical Automation Inc Is a Highly Qualified Electrical Contractor Specializing In The significantly Growing SCADA System Integration and automation industries.

Donna & Albert Johnson Congratulated By Mr. & Mrs Boyer (E/A Mentor Company)

Albert & Donna Johnson congratulated by Mr. & Mrs. Boyer, owners of Boyer Inc for a very successful 20016. Because of their mentoring E/A has been able to avoid the many traps that small businesses typically fall into.

Donna & Albert Johnson Congratulated By Houston City Councilman Dwight Boykins

Albert & Donna Johnson congratulated for company success by city of Houston City Counsilman Dwight Boykins

Capital One "Getting Down To Business (Business Training)

E/A Electrical Automation Inc. is proud to announce it's acceptance to the very successful Capital One "Getting Down To Business" program. The program started by Capital One in conjunction with Metro was initially started in an effort to assist small businesses negatively impacted by the new rail corridors. However, because of the program’s success they were able to gain valuable resources and funding through new partners including the City of Houston, U Of H, Port of Houston, and other private entities.


Now in its sixth year, the Capital One "Getting Down to Business" program is designed to assist small businesses achieve the next level of success and has expanded to include all qualified local small business. We're proud to be accepted into this widely successful program.


In closing, E/A Electrical Automation Inc. would like to say to all our current and future customers we will be a better company because of our participation in this program. Stay tuned for further information pertaining to our participation and progress in the Capital One "Getting Down To Business" program. 

E/A Electrical Automation Inc is s certified Electrical Contractor specializing in SCADA Automation, and maintains Certifications with the City of Houston, Metro, Port of Houston, the University of Houston, and more.

Houston Contractor's Association Annual Skeet Shoot

E/A Electrical Automation Inc believes that all work and no play makes for unhappy employees. Therefore in an effort to ensure that our employees do take some time for enjoyment we sponsor employee outings as the skeet shoot below, (Employee responses "Great Outing!").

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