With many years of experience in the field of generator installations and maintenance, we install generators for industrial, commercial as well as residential use. Whether you're in need of a portable generator, large or small, industrial, or simply a standby generator for your home call us at 832-363-7957. We install generators and the ATS in commercial office buildings. If your commercial building has no generator, we can resolve your problem, as we can design and install the required generator, as well as install and integrate the automatic transfer switch into one that is monitored, and controlled by your personnel. We'll intergrate your new or existing generator into your existing control system.



We perform all aspects of generator installations, including new and refurbished generators. We install and intergrate Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS). We'll connect all wiring from the generator to the utility company. We also connect and hook up all controls wires initiating automatic generator and ATS control. We'll integrate your generator and ATS into your SCADA system, enabling full control of the Generator and ATS from a centralized control center. We install large as well as small generator systems. We install gas turbine generators as well. We'll do the prep work design and install the proper concrete slab. We set and complete all wiring required leaving you the customer with a complete working system.


If you don't have a SCADA system, then we can help. We can design, install, and program your new SCADA system. With a free consultation we can refute the myth that only large water and wastewater systems can afford a SCADA system. We can design and install a system that meets your needs as well as your budget.


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