After Seven years of hard work we now have the exprienced teem  that will offer our customers the best service.

            A New Kind Of Electrical Contractor that Specialize In (SCADA) Maintenance & Integration

E/A Electrical Automation Inc. provide comprehensive full service in Scada as well as Electrical maintenance for Wastewater facilities, Industrial plants, Chemical Plants, Municipal power plants. We're available 24 hours a day; seven days a week, and we are by far most maintenance manager’s first choice for Scada maintenance, electrical testing, and repair. With over 30 years of experience We provide a systematic series of routine maintenance and preventative measures to ensure properly operating equipment in addition to the safety of all personnel working around the equipment, and the quality of the equipment itself.  The process normally includes visual and mechanical inspections that are carried out by trained professionals who look for signs of damage, corrosion, loose fittings, and displaced parts. Unforeseen shutdowns due to equipment malfunctioning are costly, but with the right maintenance services, these shutdowns can become a thing of the past.

SCADA HMI Programming and Standardization

In order to fully achieve maximum performance requires monitoring and controlling your equipment through automation (SCADA). While requiring considerable data collection and management it is what sets us apart from our competitors. We have the qualifications and the years of experience in automated controls, with decades among our personnel. We perform SCADA installations, including design and programming, PLC and HMI Software installation and programming ensuring secure fast communications between your control center and the many field devices. We perform all equipment and instrumentation integration with all future and existing systems. We are highly qualified in all aspects of SCADA control including PLC's and the many communications formats.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

SCADA Controls Installations & Maintenance

We provide the professional advice and solutions you need for  your needs related to your electrical SCADA Automated Control needs. We specialize in maintaining and integrating Scada and electrical automated controls. Out team will work with your personell to ensure an efficient and properly operating system. We perform new and refurbished electrical installations, and rest assured your small projects are subject to the same planning and comprehensive treatment just as a large electrical installation.  With our qualified professionals you're assured a system that achieves electrical systems efficiency; obtain peak performances while keeping consumption and electrical cost to a minimum. We also perform maintenance & preventive maintenance ensuring increased electrical efficiency and reduced electrical costs. Our team is professional, qualified and fully licensed. Our personnel can perform all your electrical needs. We install stand along medium and low voltage well motor starters. Our personnel are familiar with all controls involved with the well motor                                                                                                                                                                                    

SCADA System HMI Standardization & Integration:

Too often we enter a facility and find a system put together with no area for upgrade, or in some cases no way to make any needed changes as pertains to the system's future needs. These systems have been typically put together with multiple standards; equipment not meeting the communications needs, mix and matched equipment a system simply not trusted by Operations. We work with your engineers, technicians and operators to ensure a system that meets all your personnel’s needs. We can put together a seamless operating system that's trusted by Operations. We'll properly integrate all equipment in a manner that ensures a system that's efficient and reliable. We'll design and program your HMI to a standard selected by you the customer ensuring a standardized control system throughout. We'll work with you on the multiple data acquisition storage platforms. Provide support for all systems installed. 24 hour on-call support.

PLC Programming

Integration Designs

SCADA Maintenance Repairs

Cyber Security:

To understand what's involve with the PLC's specifically, one must go back to the beginning. Initially these devices were designed to reduce the number of expensive relays in equipment controls. Cumminicating with these devices was no where on the redar, thus the continued improvements just did'nt have a need to consider security, as with these devices when initially designed they didn't even consider connecting to the internet, again thus no need for the security. However in the past 10 years most all SCADA systems have been connected to the internet, at which time Cyber Security became an issue. Let our professionals evaluate the security of your system and put your mind at ease.

Wireless Antenna & Microwave Installations, Maintenance & Repairs:

Because we specialize in all aspects of SCADA we perform most types of wireless antennas, microwaves etc.. Too often when requiring new installations adding additional facilities miles away, the most efficient manner by far to achieve fast reliable communiocations is thru the use of the varias wireless radios, antennas and microwave systems available. When your choices to achieve distant communications is wired phone lines (very slow and outdated), T1 Lines fast broad band line by phone co. (Very expensive and requires an expensive monthly payment), Fiber optic cable, very fast speeds (Very expensive, 1 to 5 million oer mile). With a typical radio and antenna costing $750 to $7,500 depending on the customers needs. We can design a system for you.

Antenna installation for 200-FT Tower

Antenna installation on 250-FT Tower

Microwave install on 250-FT Water Tower

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