SCADA Design / System Integrator

Success or failure of any SCADA component can profoundly affect the ability to maintain service levels. Proactive maintenance treats the SCADA system as a mission-critical asset, applying basic principles of asset management to protect your investment. E/A Electrical Automation is your local Scada Systems Integrators. We design, install, and program all major industrial systems. We troubleshoot and maintain all PLC's (Programmable Logic Controllers) as well as all major HMI (Human Machine Interface's) software. We have many years’ experience installing and maintaining, large SCADA systems. We use the latest most modern technologies proven to be the most reliable in the industry. Installed with cost saving in mind our systems will reduce your overall costs significantly. With cutting edge proven technology we can ensure you a system that exceeds your performance expectations

Programmable Logic Controllers

  • Design and program Scada systems large & small.
  • Work with the latest Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's).
  • Work with deficient programming logic, performing corrections as needed.
  • Integrate new PLC's into legacy systems.
  • Integrate New sensor instrumentation into existing systems
  • Specialize in Electrical Automated Systems.
  • Significantly reduce wiring and relay needs with the correct PLC's.

Human Machine Interface

  • Program HMI's, including beautiful graphics designed to meet your needs.
  • Design fast secure system communications, properly designed IP addressing
  • Control Center system integrations with all field devices.
  • System controls designed to reduce electrical costs thru equipment analyzation.
  • Design system equipment run times that best suits efficient costs reductions.
  • HMI systems designed to meet complete operations equipment controls.

Service Objective

Provides a range of services to assist with system maintenance:

  • System maintenance plans define component criticality and outline regularly scheduled activities;
  • Preventive maintenance services help prevent system failures;
  • Corrective maintenance services address unscheduled maintenance required to mitigate degraded system performance and component failures;
  • Emergency response services address failures which jeopardize system operation;
  • System enhancements and upgrades provide ongoing services related to database, control strategy and process graphic display changes; and
  • System administration provides software revisions and upgrades, file backups, etc.

Operations Management

Whether you need simple control, advanced automation or system-wide optimization, we can help you reach your goals. We provide planning, design and implementation services that are focused on the effective automation and control of water and wastewater systems and public utilities. Our specialization in automation technology means we can help:

  • Develop long-term plans for upgrades and expansion
  • Achieve appropriate levels of automation for your operation
  • Match technology to the unique needs
  • Expedite implementation
  • Obtain predictable, high-quality results
  • Create integrated solutions
  • Deliver projects on time and on budget
  • Maintain typical spare parts on hand
  • Long & Short term Scada maintenance

Our leaders employ practical experience in design gained at many water, wastewater, and utilities throughout the Harris County and surrounding Counties. Throughout our history we have designed, configured and helped implement most major SCADA system, PLC, RTU and -communication technology in the industry. We know how systems perform in the field and we apply this practical knowledge to help you maximize the return on every dollar you spend on automation technology.

Strategic Services

We assist in establishing a path to performance excellence. Faced with changing maintenance demands, organizations need good strategies to frame their decisions and refine their maintenance objectives.

Strategic services are designed to:

  • Define vision and strategies to attain integrated maintenance solutions;
  • Document the organization’s goals and expected results;
  • Identify root causes of maintenance and technology problems – not just symptoms;
  • Prioritize options and define dependencies;
  • Align recommendations with budget and resource constraints;
  • Gain buy-in and communicate throughout the organization;
  • Define measures and target levels of performance;
  • Address the considerations and obstacles of implementation; and
  • Ensure continuous improvement and periodic course corrections.

We understand how to coordinate strategic planning in a practical, attainable manner. We work with the client to align their values, strategies and solutions to improve system efficiencies and effectiveness. E/A Electrical Automation Inc, is very proud that our customer’s plans get implemented and we ensure they achieve their goals.



We improve management of clients Operations, Maintenance, Assets, and Customer service. Improving efficiency and effectiveness requires balanced solutions to complex challenges. We provide maintenance services in a cost-effective and environmentally-responsible manner. We integrate consulting services into the four primary areas of the clients Operations Management, Maintenance, Asset Management, and Customer Services.

We work with the client to ensure consistent application of best practices, effective information systems, comprehensive process improvement, cultural change, staff buy in, and organizational alignment. From strategic plans to tactical projects, E/A helps you deliver system-wide performance improvement.


Operations Management:

  • SCADA Planning
  • System Integration
  • Design, Bid, Construction
  • Operations Management Consulting
  • SCADA Maintenance
  • Operations Optimization
  • Communications
  • Security Services


  • Our curiculim is designed to train your personel in the various aspects of automated controls. Motor controls, Plc'S, including programming, installation, and troubleshooting. We can train your personnel on the various PLC systems, including Siemens, Allen Bradley, Modicom etc.

  • Because of the need for personnel with the skills and knowledge in automated controls E/A Electrical Automation has put together a curiculum that covers controls for beginners as well as the novice. Additionally with the industry continually advancing the control systems, it is imperative that your personnel make every effort to continue training. We can define our training based on your system, as well as automated controls in general.

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