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Albert Johnson - Company President

E/A Electrical Automation was started by Mr. Albert Johnson after 35 years in the Electrical & SCADA Automation industry, including 25 years of service with the City of Houston Mr. Johnson retired from the City of Houston to start E/A Electrical Automation Inc. After retiring and spending the first year of retrement putting together a solid business plan based on 35 years in the industry as well as that of being a top programmer for the City of Houstion.


After having spent years increasing his experience in every aspect of the Watr system, having gained the respect of his collegues. After years of service in supervision Albert was promoted to and held the position of Maintenance Manager overseeing Scada & Electrical maintenancce untill his retirement.


Mr. Johnson has taken the company from a start-up to a multi-million dollar company earning an average over 1 million dallar per year in the past several years. Mr. Johnson has done an excellent job of directing the company

A New Kind of Electrical Contractor


E/A Electrical Automation Inc is a new kind of electrical contracting firm, one that performs general and industrial electrical functions, however it is our specialization in SCADA Automation, System Integration and electrical controls that sets us apart from our competitors. More than that is our employees experience and qualifications that truly sets us apart. We have a strong management team that's qualified and experienced in all aspects of the electrical and automation industries. Together our leaders present a well-rounded, capable and qualified team. We have built a stromg customer base including some of the largest contractors in the Houston, Harris county area.  For a well managed qualified contractor that can get the job done call us - 832-363-7957 - we can help.


About Our Mentor

Boyer Inc is our official mentor company; Boyer is one of the largest contracting firms in the Houston and Harris County area. Boyer Inc has worked tirelessly in assisting E/A Electrical Automation Inc in all aspects of business. Boyer Inc has done an excellent job in assisting E/A in achieving our goals. We at E/A sincerely appreciate all that Boyer Inc has done.


Our company believes strongly in a good mentorship program, as we feel that it's a healthy aspect of planned growth. Through our mentorships we have been able to avoid a lot of the typical mistakes a company as ours would normally make in this stage of the company's growth. Additi0nally it has made us a much stronger company, and for that and more we thank Boyer Inc.

Capital One Bank has played a role in assisting E/A Electrical Automation Inc in assisting the company in ensuring its proper business management. E/A's president is a graduate of the Capital One Bank Getting Down To Business program, a program designed to assist the company with the many aspects of the business side of the company.

Certified Electrical Contractor: We're certified by the City of Houston

For More information: Call 832-363-7957


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